Joy, Family, Community Service, Education, and Social Change  are my top values in life. I grew up as an avid observer, one who enjoys critical thinking, analysis, reflection, and reading while synthesizing new theories, services, and ideas. Evidence-Based Research from Journals with High-Impact factors is the foundation of my scientific thinking. As you can tell by now, I believe that Education is Power, and hence, I am a life-long learner, a Ph.D. steward of the discipline, and a scholar practitioner who aims to learn, conserve and transform knowledge though teaching, research and development.   I am passionate about assisting and empowering my clients to reach their goals, expand their horizon, unleash their potential, and lead a more fulfilling life. As such, I am committed to offering coaching and counselling services that are evidence-based and support the nourishment and balance between mind, body, and soul.

I am grateful for my own IVF Journey. The wisdom behind it was precious. The miracles it unfolded were numerous. And it is my honor to blend my education, knowledge, best practices together with my insights from my own Joyful IVF Journey to offer these IVF Retreats to help women all around the world in fulfilling their dream of becoming a mom.

I am grateful to all my professors at McGill, Walden, and Concordia Universities. And I am forever indebted to the transformational knowledge I learned from my greatest teachers, Denise Linn, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Alice Domar, Louise Hay, Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, Dr. Robert Holden, and Dr. Brenee Brown.