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Dahlia Mostafa is a real life super hero. Read her volunteer story here


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"Growing up in Egypt my parents insisted I go to Catholic school even though I am Muslim because they felt it would teach me how important it is to embrace all religions. It instilled in me a sense of embracing one another, accepting one another, and looking at people not as a race, creed or religion but as a human soul. In that school I was elected Public Media President in Grade 5, despite it only being a position for Grade 12's and I was elected every year after that until I graduated. This is how I first got involved in public speaking and advocacy. I was also involved in creating a charity for orphans in Egypt and worked with my friends to found another non-profit called the Future Youth of Alexandria, which advocated for children's rights.

I came to Canada to do my PhD. I was Vice President for Academic and University Affairs of the Student's association at McGill and then a job offer from Suncor Energy brought me to Calgary to the Rockies. I started volunteering for the Egyptian Association in Calgary, I helped newcomers integrate, find jobs, adjust to their new lives in Canada. I also joined the Rotary here where I became editor of the district newsletter. I soon got the opportunity to host a radio program called 'Inspirations With Dahlia Mostafa' (@dahliamostafa4life)On my show I give advice to people on everything from relationships, to careers, to adjusting to Canada. Volunteering seems to be my calling. Wherever I go, I always think how can I contribute, give back, it's me, it's who I am, it's Dahlia."


By: Jeff D'Silva

@ Propellus Magazine

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