The Mind-Body-Soul Fertility Program Dahlia Mostafa leads is healing, soothing, and comforting. The way she blends her education, coaching tools, best practices and emotional support helped me to get rid of my anger and fears from previous IVF cycles. Connecting with my soul and being able to decode my soul messages allowed me to cleanse and relax so I can connect with my baby. I was able to cognitively reframe my negative thoughts and restructure my mind around fertility treatments. I felt empowered, anchored, and grounded as I was going for my 3rd IVF cycle after taking this program with Dahlia. The program has definitely created a SHIFT  in my Mind, Body, and Soul and helped me to conceive. Dahlia is such a blessing to know and learn from. Her radiance and love shines through. She is such a gift and a radiant light. I feel so blessed to have worked with her through this program. My husband and I are grateful to have our twin boys. It has been such a joyful IVF journey with Dahlia. Her care and compassionate during my IVF treatment, pregnancy and post-partum has touched my heart forever.

Dahlia's Mind-Body-Soul Fertility Program helped me feel in greater control of the IVF process. I was able to deeply connect with my body through my soul and mind. I felt calm and grounded. Also, I enjoyed doing something good and meaningful for myself. Dahlia's wonderful soft voice guided me to a sacred space within where I was able to connect with my baby and feel her presence in my womb. Learning creative visualization and manifestation has been so rewarding for me. I am 10 weeks pregnant now and I feel such gratitude for Dahlia, her education,  wisdom, calmness and continuous support.


Dahlia is a special gift to all. Her essence is so wonderfully joyful and magnetic. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. I am currently 14 weeks into my first pregnancy. My husband and I have tried IVF 5 times, and this time it worked. Dahlia's Mind-Body-Soul Fertility Program prepared my mind, soul and womb for this pregnancy. She helped me peel back the layers of fear and anxiety. Our fertility coaching sessions made me feel understood, grounded and refreshed. A simple Thank you will be inadequate for all she has equipped me with.



The Mind-Body-Soul Fertility Program has been such an EYE OPENER for me. IVF is so emotionally exhausting. The drugs and the procedures are so draining. Each session I attended with Dahlia revealed an authentic message for me. I felt embraced in a positive state of joy that melted away my stress as I was heading towards my two weeks wait. Dahlia's education and wisdom are beyond her years. She has a beautiful voice that is soothing and relaxing. She genuinely cares about her clients and demonstrates a deep understanding and empathy for their challenges . The coping strategies we learned from her was transformational. YES. We are EXPECTING. 


Dahlia's insight and authentic truth have been an inspiration during the Mind-Body-Soul Fertility Program. My marriage was falling apart after 4 IVF cycles that left me empty, depressed, and frustrated. Dahlia's program not only helped me in healing my past but also, it instilled hope, positivity, and confidence within me once again. Her vast experience as a marriage counselor was an anchor to this program that allowed us to restore our marriage and walk as soulmates along our journey of infertility. Dahlia shares a beautiful balance of emotional, mental, and physical support through this program together with best practices, research and coping skills. I have every reason to believe that working with Dahlia has been allowing my fertility to blossom and expand. I feel like my whole body is warm, relaxed and ready to welcome our baby. Dahlia's vibrant energy and her own courage facing challenges is truly therapeutic. I am blessed to have been able to join her program. Her comforting voice, her patience, pace, and creativity, her concern for her clients, all go together to ensure ultimate RESULTS.  I feel Ready, Healed, and in Peace. I feel FERTILE.